The Field System™ has arrived!

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The Field System combines everything you need to create realistic meadows, fields and pastures.

The Field System includes Static Grass, which is a material that stands upright like individual blades of grass when applied with the Static King™. This material is perfect for adding dimension and texture to a layout while modeling fields and other tall grasses. Static Grass is available in four lengths and four colors that blend together to replicate all phases of growth.

Model other tall grasses or weeds with Field Grass, and use Briar Patch to create brambles and thickets. Accent highlights and shadows on the layout with Plant Hues, and add Flowers for extra color and interest.

The Field System also includes three new adhesives. These adhesives are specially designed for adhering the landscaping materials in the Field System.

Use The Field System products with easy-to-follow techniques for a simple way to mimic nature with incredible realism. The Field System is fully compatible with other Woodland Scenics products and can be used on new and existing layouts.

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